A young and dynamic company but with over 40 years of solid experience in the Transportation and Freight Forwarding industry. We are a licensed Freight Forwarding Company in Lebanon, member of:

– FIATA (International Federation of Freight Forwarders Association)

– ICC (International Chamber of Commerce)

– AULT (Arab Union of Land Transport) 

– Lebanese Forwarders Syndicate

– Lebanese Chamber of Commerce & Industry

In addition to International Land-Based Transports, we also offer our services for Air and Sea Freight Forwarding.

We develop market and produce efficient transportation and logistics services that create competitive advantages for our Customers. It is our vision to be Lebanon’s leading transport and Logistics Company for overland transportation from / to Lebanon.

TRANSALL INTERNATIONAL sarl , with a carrier liability insurance and specific trailers and reefers (13.60 m- 15 m ) is providing the safety and a big added value to your products.

The role of market leader entails:

.  Customers shall regard TRANSALL INTERNATIONAL as the leading supplier in terms of quality, service and creativity.

.  Personnel shall view TRANSALL INTERNATIONAL as the most attractive employer in the transport industry and one of the most attractive employers all categories.

TRANSALL INTERNATIONAL shall be your best alternative for Middle East transportation and logistics from and to Lebanon.

TRANSALL INTERNATIONAL shall be your best supplier of transportation services within the Middle East Region.

TRANSALL INTERNATIONAL shall be your best co-operation partner for your Transportation and Freight Forwarding requirements.